Our Core Processes

CII is organized into committees representing four knowledge processes:

Knowledge Creation

CII research to define best practices, breakthroughs, and industry norms. Includes Research, Academic and Breakthrough Strategy committees.

Knowledge Dissemination

CII research publications, implementation guides, educational materials, workshops and conferences. Includes Implementation Strategy and Professional Development committees.

Knowledge Assessment

The impact of CII practices through benchmarking and metrics. Includes the Performance Assessment committee and the 10-10 Performance Assessment campaign.

Knowledge Management

Management, organization, and assessment of the relevance of CII’s body of knowledge and Communities of Practice oversight. Includes the Knowledge Management Committee and the Knowledge Base Program.

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Announcements and Upcoming Events

Registration open for the CII Best Practice Courses

A Project Change Management course precedes the Annual Conference and a PDRI Implementation Planning course follows. Make the most of your time in Boston and register for the courses.

Registration Open for the 2015 CII Annual Conference: “Lead the Performance Revolution”

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this year’s annual conference in Boston on August 3–5. Register now!

CII Updates Its Online News Site

To improve CII’s communication with its members and the general public, we have changed the way you receive the latest information about the institute. Follow CII news as it happens on our new page.

CII 2015 Research Teams – Continued Team Staffing

Additional nominations are being accepted in preparation for the kickoff meetings scheduled for May 18–20 (with back-up dates in June). Kickoffs will be formally announced on Friday, April 17th.

2015 CII Safety Survey Now Available

The safety survey has been launched. Contact Dr. Daniel Oliveira at daniel.oliveira@cii.utexas.edu to participate. Preliminary survey results will be presented at the annual conference in August.

CII Seeks Volunteers to Transform Our Legacy Knowledge Base

The CII Knowledge Management Committee invites volunteers to help restructure our vast knowledge base. The new knowledge base will enable effective and efficient searches of all CII resources.


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