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Six Knowledge Base Portals

The CII Knowledge Base is an improved system for visitors to access more than 30 years of CII knowledge. Both CII members and others can explore the knowledge base, but CII members get special access. CII members can download publications without going through a shopping cart checkout process.

Finding What You Need

You can explore the Knowledge Base using the left-hand navigation menu. To access CII publications by Knowledge Area, visit the Knowledge Areas Portal. To access CII publications by Best Practices, visit the Best Practices Portal. The left-hand navigation menu also takes you to search indices and more.

Many publications are available for purchase in two different formats: a downloadable PDF electronic copy and a shippable hard copy. Other publications are available exclusively in a single format, whether electronic or in hard copy. Check an individual publication’s listing for its availability and format.

NOTE: If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF files, download a free copy from the Adobe site.

Purchasing What You Want

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Most CII Store customers purchase their products online and download their entire orders electronically.

Simply log in on the website, use the left-hand navigation menu for your desired publications, then add them to your Shopping Cart. Once you have added an item, click on My Shopping Cart in the blue bar to review your items or proceed to Check-out. You can also visit How to Order for all the ways to order and more details on pricing, shipping, etc.

Registered users who work for CII member organizations can download or view most CII products online for free. Contact your Online Administrator if you need help getting a password, logging in, or accessing the products.

Not a registered user yet and work for a non-member organization? Here is a helpful handout (PDF file) to walk you through the Registration process.

Knowledge Areas
Business and Project Processes
Commissioning and Startup
Construction Execution
Construction Technology
Design Planning and Optimization
General CII Information
Human Resource Management
Information Management Technology
Materials Management
Performance Assessment
Procurement and Contracts
Professional Development
Project and Program Management
Project Controls
Project Organization and Communication
Project Planning
Quality Management
Risk Management
Sustainability, Environmental and Security

If You Knew What CII Knows
The Knowledge Base is a searchable, easy-to-use compendium of
CII's capital project research.
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