CII-Fiatech Integration

What sorts of technologies will the Fiatech Sector Committee monitor?
Why should we undertake this Fiatech Integration?
What are the Communities for Business Advancement (CBAs)?
How will Fiatech work with CII’s Standing Committees?
What are the CII Sector Committees?
How can I join this effort?
How do I get CII log-in credentials (a CII User ID)?
What other resources should I check out to learn more?

On January 25, Stephen Mulva and Eric Crivella co-hosted an informative webinar and shared additional details about Fiatech's integration into CII.


The construction industry is the only major economic sector NOT to have benefited from productivity improvements going back to the 1960s. In fact, its productivity has dropped.

To drive the missing improvements to our industry and to deliver enhanced benefits to members of CII and Fiatech, the leaders of both organizations made a decision to merge their groups.

The Integration went into effect January 1, 2018, as approved by the organizations’ respective board members.

To help coordinate the integration, the two organizations formed a committee of experienced Fiatech and CII members who developed a work plan to achieve a seamless integration. The committee is referred to as the FIT – the Fiatech Integration Team.

The integration work was divided into two major groupings:

  • Pre-2018 activities – make the integration legally, financially, and administratively effective.
  • January to March activities – ensure the new combined organization and its new functions and committees are up and functional, and serving all member organizations.

The Integrated CII, its membership, and their personnel now have an opportunity to lead this change of significant productivity improvement in the construction industry.

If we do not lead the change our industry needs, other organizations will.

Questions & Answers

Q:    What sorts of technologies will the Fiatech Sector Committee monitor?
A:    3D printing
Artificial intelligence
Augmented and virtual reality
Autonomous data capture
Autonomous vehicles
Construction holodeck
Energy storage batteries
Neural networks
Scanning photography
Sensors and wearables
Smart materials
UAVs (drones)
Q:    Why should we undertake this Fiatech Integration?
A:    Our integrated organization will better serve the industry by blending CII’s expertise in People and Process with Fiatech’s Technology expertise. It will also accomplish the following improvements:
  • Add Fiatech projects to broaden the CII Knowledge Base.
  • Create a more diverse membership in both size and interest area.
  • Bring technology members into CII projects and achieve the successful delivery of “fully formed Research Products and Services which embrace: People, Process and Technology.”
  • Provide enhanced member value through the creation of Communities for Business Advancement (CBAs) by merging COPs and PATs where appropriate.
  • Increase speed of improvement to capital project efficiency through faster adoption of technology.
Q:    What are the Communities for Business Advancement (CBAs)?
A:    The CBAs are virtual groups that bring together CII members to improve performance, share knowledge, and learn from one another in specific practice areas. Each CBA is led by experts whose in-depth knowledge will ensure that the group's content and resources meet member needs. Currently, there are nine CBAs:
Advanced Work Packaging
Front End Planning
Information Management
Project Controls
Quality Management
Risk Management
Supply Chain Management
Q:    How will Fiatech work with CII’s Standing Committees?
A:    The Standing Committees support the work of the Sector Committees and promote collaboration throughout CII – each lending support through its area of expertise.
  • Funded Studies Committee (FSC) – The FSC oversees CII’s research effort, developing policy to guide the research process at the Sector and at the BOA level. It facilitates selection of academic researchers from participating universities, helps complete research teams with interested industry members, facilitates getting the research teams launched, and provides quality assurance of the research process through to completion.
  • Implementation Committee (IC) – The IC seeks out or develops new and creative processes, procedures, tools, systems, or other management techniques to promote and encourage the use of CII practices within member company organizations.
  • Performance Assessment Committee (PAC) – The PAC develops policy and procedures, provides oversight, and recommends a strategic approach to CII’s collection, analysis, and dissemination of industry data. The committee develops key definitions to guide the effort and identifies critical measurements needed for identification of best practices and management of a continuous improvement program.
  • Professional Development Committee (PDC) – The PDC provides the education function for CII members and their staff. The committee chooses subjects for educational opportunities, and recommends creation of education teams. The PDC also periodically reviews the education needs of member organizations.
  • Technology Awareness Development Committee (TADC) (under development) – The TADC provides two-way technology awareness and communication between Fiatech and the other CII sectors. It will measure and communicate current technology maturity of each industry sector to CII leadership committees, so that specific and overall technology investments can be recommended to the sectors.
Q:    What are the CII Sector Committees?
A:    The purpose of CII’s six sector committees is to facilitate collaboration between owners, service providers, and academia within related sectors through “fully formed” and sector-specific research designed to produce creative, innovative solutions that tangibly improve safety and capital efficiency.
Q:    How can I join this effort?
  • PARTICIPATE in one of nine new Communities for Business Advancement (CBAs), many of which already have productivity improvement targets and self-assessment tools.
  • JOIN one of the six CII Sector Committees, including the new Fiatech committee.
  • JOIN one of the five CII Standing Committees, including the new Technology Awareness Development committee.
  • ATTEND the CII Technology Showcase, March 19-21 at the Hyatt Hill Country, in San Antonio, Texas.
  • ATTEND one of the 20-plus Professional Development events already scheduled (seminars, training, and meetings, with more to come).
  • ATTEND the 2018 CII Annual Conference, July 23-25 at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Q:    How do I get CII log-in credentials (a CII User ID)?
A:    Click “Add an Account” at the top right of any page on this site (next to the “Login/Join CII” buttons) or simply go there directly now. Complete the registration form, using your work email account. CII will issue your credentials electronically.
Q:    What other resources should I check out to learn more?
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