Carroll H. Dunn Award of Excellence

CII established the Carroll H. Dunn Award of Excellence in 1985 to honor an individual for significant achievements in improving the engineering and construction industry. The award is CII’s highest honor and is recognized as one of the most prestigious awards of its kind in the construction industry.

Carroll H. Dunn was the Project Director of the Construction Industry Cost Effectiveness (CICE) Project, which was sponsored by The Business Roundtable and led to the creation of the Construction Industry Institute. Dunn had a highly decorated career in the United States Army Corps of Engineers, retiring as a Lt. General. During his military career, Dunn served in World War II and later served as Director of the Titan II Missile Program and was Division Engineer of the Corps’ Southwestern Division.

In 1980, Dunn began work full-time on the CICE Project and later was instrumental in the establishment of CII. Dunn’s service to CII was considered so valuable that he was appointed an ex-officio member of all the original committees and research task forces. 

Award Selection Criteria

Criteria for the Dunn Award include the following: 
  • Significant contributions to the construction industry (i.e., innovation, effective implementation, business impact, and mentorship).
  • Demonstration of the highest degree of personal dedication to improving costs, schedule, quality, and/or safety of the capital facilities delivery process. (Describe in detail.)
  • A leadership position in the construction industry from which others can be influenced by example and direction. (Is the nominee a mentor? Speaker? Entrepreneur? Innovator? Describe in detail.)
  • A record of accomplishment that brings added distinction to the recipient and the organizations with which he or she has been associated.
  • Nominees cannot be active on the CII Executive Committee, or part of the current or past CII staff.

Submit a nomination for this award. The deadline for nominations is May 14, 2021.

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Mike Rowe (2019)

He gained his celebrity by depicting the dignity of hands-on work. Then he generously gave back by establishing an foundation designed to reinvigorate the skilled trades.

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Melissa Herkt (2018)

A successful industry leader who experienced success in many sectors with both owner and contractor organizations, then shared her knowledge as a mentor to rising leaders.

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John W. Dalton, Sr. (2017)

The CII Executive Committee selected John W. Dalton Sr. as the thirty-first recipient of the Carroll H. Dunn Award of Excellence.

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Dr. Bernard Amadei (2016)

The CII Executive Committee selected Bernard Amadei as the thirtieth recipient of the Carroll H. Dunn Award of Excellence. He was recognized for this honor at the 2016 CII Annual Conference in National Harbor, Maryland.

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Craig L. Martin (2015)

A visionary leader who instilled a “culture of caring” at Jacobs, in retirement he has become a strong advocate for a smarter, safer industry

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Janice L. Tuchman (2014)

Editor of Engineering News-Record who brought construction reportage into the Internet age and developed regional editions of the magazine to convey diverse local developments in a globalized industry.

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J.J. Suárez (2013)

Established CSA Group. Served as CII Chairman, led or participated in many committees and research teams. Inducted into National Academy of Construction

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Joseph A. Ahearn (2012)

Stephen T. Ayers (2011)

James G. Slaughter, Jr. (2010)

Charles H. Thornton (2009)

Ralph R. Peterson (2008)

David J. Nash (2007)

Daniel W. Halpin (2006)

Alan L. Boeckmann (2005)

James B. Porter, Jr. (2004)

Joseph J. Jacobs (2002)

H. B. Zachry, Jr. (2001)

Arthur J. Fox, Jr. (2000)

Donald J. Gunther (1999)

Edward W. Merrow (1998)

Richard L. Tucker (1997)

John W. Morris II (1996)

Daniel J. Bennet (1995)

Jack E. Turner (1994)

Gary D. Jones (1993)

James M. Braus (1992)

Clarkson H. Oglesby (1991)

Louis Garbrecht, Jr. (1990)

Robert H. Miller (1989)

Theodore C. Kennedy (1988)

Charles D. Brown (1986)

Carroll H. Dunn (1985)