Dr. Ali Mostafavi

Dr. Ali Mostafavi is an Assistant Professor in the OHL School of Construction (College of Engineering and Computing) and supervises the Infrastructure System-of-Systems Research Group at Florida International University. Dr. Mostafavi serves as a principal investigator for Research Team 322, Improving Project Progress and Performance Assessment, and is a member of the Academic Committee.

Dr. Mostafavi incorporates CII research findings into his teaching to expose his students to the state-of-the-art knowledge and practices in the construction industry. For every new course that he teaches, Dr. Mostafavi reviews relevant CII research findings to identify useful course materials for his lecture topics. He also reviews the new CII research reports every year to identify relevant findings for incorporation into the course materials.

Dr. Mostafavi believes that learner-oriented teaching promotes learning that is both purposeful and lasting. As an instructor, he continuously fits his teaching styles and materials with the students’ learning styles and the needs of the industry. He also collaborates with industry to connect the classroom concepts with real world applications. Inviting industry speakers for guest lectures, visiting jobsites, and using case studies are examples of different methods that he utilizes to sustain student motivation and interest in learning the subject matter.

Dr. Mostafavi has received outstanding student evaluations for his courses. He believes that the use of CII research findings and materials has helped significantly.