Dr. Carol C. Menassa

Dr. Carol C. Menassa is an Assistant Professor and John L. Tishman Faculty Scholar in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan. Dr. Menassa served as a principal investigator on Research Team 306, Quantitative Measurement of Project Manager Competencies. Prof. Menassa is currently a member of the CII Academic Committee.

Professor Menassa uses several approaches to incorporate CII published research into her classes. She introduces the material as part of the class lecture notes and assigned readings, and tests the student knowledge of the material through hands on problems in the assignments, term project, and exams. Additionally, Dr. Menassa emphasizes that students fully understand CII material related to research projects. To test their proficiency in the topic, she asks the students to present their understanding of the existing body of knowledge and how they plan to build on it for their research project during weekly presentations and updates. In the future Professor Menassa plans to introduce additional CII material to her classes—she has introduced a new class, Sustainability of Infrastructure Systems, to the curriculum which will include the latest CII research, A Framework for Sustainability during Construction, as part of the course material.

Professor Menassa’s approach to teaching and learning has earned her several accolades including the 2014 NSF Career Award.