Dr. Kristen Parrish

Dr. Kristen Parrish is an Assistant Professor in the School of Sustainability and the Built Environment at Arizona State University (ASU). Prior to joining ASU, Kristen was at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) where she worked in the Commercial Buildings group, developing energy efficiency programs and researching technical and non-technical barriers to energy efficiency in the buildings industry. Dr. Parrish has served as a co-PI on RT-314, PDRI Tools for Small Industrial Projects and RT-314a, PDRI Tool for Small Infrastructure Projects. She is currently a member of the CII Academic Committee.

Dr. Parrish is extremely passionate about her teaching and, as such, she strives to ensure each student in her course is learning effectively. She seeks those CII research topics that are most relevant to her courses to incorporate into her lectures and required reading. She also leverages problem-based learning in her courses—many of the problems she uses in her courses come from CII publications and case studies. Dr. Parrish has incorporated Constructability: A Primer (RS3-1), Sustainability Practices and Metrics for the Construction Phase of Capital Projects (RT-304), and PDRI: Project Definition Rating Index – Building Projects (IR155-2) into her undergraduate courses. She has also leveraged the Owner’s Tool for Project Delivery and Contract Strategy Selection User’s Guide (IR165-2) to promote student understanding of alternative delivery methods. At the graduate level, she uses Front End Planning of Renovation and Revamp Projects (IR242-2) to introduce her students to critical success factors for retrofit projects.

Students routinely comment on the effectiveness of her teaching methods and her enthusiasm for teaching construction. Dr. Parrish has twice been awarded a Top 5% Teaching Award at ASU, the highest teaching honor awarded by the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.