Dr. SangHyun Lee

Dr. SangHyun Lee is an Associate Professor and John L. Tishman Faculty Scholar of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan, and leads the Dynamic Project Management group. He received both his MSc and Ph.D. from MIT, and has been involved in research concerning simulation and sensing intended to improve construction processes and management. Dr. Lee served as a principal investigator on Research Team 302, Interface Management.

Lee introduced CII Best Practices to the University of Michigan in 2012. In this course, he designed two problem sets and one term project where students apply a CII Best Practice to a real company practice. In his graduate course, Professor Lee has been teaching several CII modules including Project Delivery Systems.

Professor Lee directs the University of Michigan Construction Industry Alliance Program and has introduced diverse CII Best Practices (e.g., Zero Accident Techniques) into these companies. His efforts to connect CII Best Practices to real company practices through the graduate course and the University of Michigan Construction Industry Alliance Program have received excellent feedback from both students and industry companies. This project gives industry companies a chance to take into account CII Best Practices, while helping students learn and gain experience in real-world practices.