Eric Crivella

Eric Crivella is the Plant Construction Executive and Industry Sales Director for Bentley Systems where he has management responsibility for Bentley’s Construction Solution global sales and SME consultants. Mr. Crivella is a high performing, proven enterprise software executive with a very successful track record of improving productivity and delivering on desired business outcomes. He has extensive subject matter expertise in Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) / WorkFace Planning (WFP), BIM and construction automation solutions; making owner operators, EPCs, CMs and constructors safer, effective and more efficient.  Mr. Crivella has been an integral part of development of the AWP / WFP Best Practice and the implementation of ConstructSim and 4D/5D/nD BIM technology on well over 150 projects over the past 18 years.

Prior to joining Bentley Systems via an acquisition in May 2008, Mr. Crivella was the Director of Business Development at Common Point.  As co-founder of Common Point and Reality Capture Technologies (RCT); Mr. Crivella was a key member of the team that developed and commercialized OpSim and ConstructSim from NASA technology and the Project4D program with technology from Disney and Stanford CIFE. Prior to starting RCT, Eric led the business development efforts for ASE Limited, a management consulting firm specializing in strategic action planning, process control and system integration for large manufacturing firms.  Eric also spent four years managing nuclear decontamination and decommissioning projects. 

Eric has a business degree and minor in Management Information Systems from Pennsylvania State University. He is currently serving a member of the Construction Industry Institute (CII) Board of Advisors, the Strategic Planning Committee and is the Co-Chair of the CII AWP Community of Practice where he shares his passion to change the industry.