John R. Fish

CII named John Fish as an inaugural recipient of its Community of Practice Leadership Award. He was recognized for this honor at the 2016 CII Annual Conference in National Harbor, Maryland.

John has over 50 years of experience in the engineering and construction industry, primarily in refining and petrochemical. He was the architect for the S&B/FB&D Internet Project Information Management System (iPIMS), a web-based system for managing the flow of information from Front End Planning to System Turnover.

Fish’s CII resume started in 1992, when he was assigned to be a member of the research team that developed the first PDRI and the Alignment Thermometer. Since that time, Fish has participated in the following CII roles:
  • CII Board of Advisors representative for S & B/FB&D since 1996
  • Member of four PDRI-related research teams
  • Member of the Risk Management Team
  • Co-Chair of the Breakthrough Strategy Committee
  • Co-Chair of the Innovative Deliverables to the Craft Team
  • Co-Chair to initiate the Front End Planning Community of Practice.

In addition, Fish has instructed the Front End Planning session for the CII Best Practices Course at the University of Texas since 2012.

Fish is considered one of the industry systems experts in automation, information management, Front End Planning, and CII Best Practice execution. He has worked with numerous owners to assist them in the implementation of CII project management tools and best practices. He is active in the implementation of Fiatech initiatives to improve productivity using technology to utilize integrated information exchanges and automation.

Fish is best known as an industry change agent. He was instrumental in leading S & B/FB&D from slide rules, pencils, and Mylar into the Intelligent 3D Digital age. In 1982, John was given an edict by Wally Maurer, an early mentor: “Challenge everything we do.” Fish is still challenging and does not plan to stop anytime soon.