CII Members Leap Ahead with Construction Safety

Austin, TX – Millions of construction workers participated in the National Safety Stand-Down in May to raise awareness of efforts to prevent fall hazards in construction, and among them were several members of the Construction Industry Institute (CII). To anyone familiar with CII, this will come as no surprise, since safety research has been a major focus of CII since its inception. Over the last three decades CII has worked together with its member companies to improve their overall safety performance, and to accomplish the goal of zero accidents.

As part of CII’s safety research effort, the institute has collected annual corporate safety data (i.e., TRIR, DART, and fatalities) from its member organizations since 1990, benchmarking their safety performance relative to their industry peers in the annual CII Safety Report. The most recent report, published last month, shows that CII members continue to outperform the U.S. construction industry on safety by a substantial margin. In 2014, 76 of 141 CII member organizations submitted their corporate safety statistics for the 2013 calendar year. These data represent a total of 2.83 billion work hours. While the OSHA fatality cases saw an increase in 2014, CII members’ fatality numbers decreased dramatically.

CII members believe that improving safety performance increases workforce productivity and reduces the financial and ethical consequences of work-related accidents, injuries, and illness. Bob Fitzgerald of Southern Company said his company’s long-time membership with CII has brought great insight to both his organization and the companies they work with. “CII offers tools that can help improve a company’s safety culture, and keep employees and partners focused on committed safety goals.”

Several new CII members submitted safety data for the first time in 2014. One member representative said he expects it will give his company a better idea of how it is doing on safety compared to industry peers. “The report can be useful in two ways: we can show our clients and partners where we rank on safety, and will be able to focus our resources on areas where improvement is needed.”

In 2007, CII started its Safety Community of Practice (SCOP) to facilitate the sharing of safety practices among professionals within CII member organizations. In addition, CII research has identified a number of practices that improve safety performance in the capital project delivery process. CII Research Team 317, Operational Excellence for Safety, is currently in the process of testing its research-based model to investigate the connection between operational excellence and safety performance. The team is expected to report out at the CII Annual Conference in 2017.

For more information about the safety survey please contact Dr. Daniel Oliveira. The 2014 Safety Report can be downloaded from the CII store.

Date posted: June 15, 2015