Webinar: Leveraging PDRI MATRS & Accuracy Factors for Projects in Front End Planning During COVID-19

Projects completing front end planning during COVID-19 are facing some of the most challenging circumstances in recent history. Will this impact the maturity and accuracy of front end planning efforts across the industry? Is PDRI still an effective assessment process in a virtual environment? The answer to both questions is a resounding YES!

The good news is that CII's latest PDRI MATRS template incorporates an assessment for Accuracy that provides an ideal oportunity to start a conversation about how the team is functioning and quantify the impact this has on a project.

Sandra MacGillivray, Managing Director of Valency and Valerie Weaver, Project Management Subject Matter Expert at Marathon Petroleum share first-hand experience on:

  • How leveraging PDRI MATRS is adding value in today's complex work environment

  • Scope definition elements and accuracy factors to closely monitor for COVID-19 impacts

  • Recommended steps to transition from using older versions of PDRI to PDRI MATRS

  • ​How to ramp up new and existing PDRI facilitators on PDRI MATRS and virtual facilitation best practices

Webinar slides:
Leveraging PDRI MATRS & Accuracy Factors for Projects in Front End Planning During COVID-19

Sandra MacGillivray    Sandra MacGillivray is a trusted advisor on CII Best Practices. She has served as a member on CII research teams including front end planning, risk management, and portfolio metrics research and currently sits on the Board of Advisors. Sandra is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP). As Managing Director, she leads Valency’s team of advisors, facilitators, and course developers to help clients implement best practices from the Construction Industry Institute.


Valerie Weaver    Valerie Weaver supports Marathon Petroleum’s 16 refineries in the execution of their project portfolio. As a project management subject matter expert, she leads project assurance activities for large projects, develops and implements new best practices for project execution, and is the CII Implementation Champion for Marathon Refining. In Valerie’s present capital project assurance role, she frequently applies CII’s Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) tool to determine if large projects are ready for gate approval and full funding.

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Date posted: August 11, 2020