COVID-19 Blog Series: Shutting Down a Project: A Framework and Lessons Learned

Now more than ever, our industry is coming together to support each other during these rapidly changing and uncertain times.

With shutdowns already taking place around the country, and others looming or imminent, CII members welcome you to a recorded webinar that shares lessons learned to address Project Shutdown and Restart. CII thanks all participants for your questions and insight. We hope this information helps you as you prepare for contingency.

Webinar slides.pdf

Topics Discussed:
  • Looking at Existing Plans
  • Communicate
  • Focus on Safety
  • Plan with Restart in Mind
  • ​Change Orders and Claims
  • Q&A

Helpful Sources:
E&P article: Planning Tool Allows Effective Project Shutdown, Restart.pdf

Construction-specific sites:
www.Construction Dive's Coronavirus Headquarters

General sites:
Center for Disease Control Coronavirus page
Johns Hopkins University of Medicin Coronavirus Resource Center
McKinsey article: 
Coronavirus: A Response Framework for Advanced Industries Companies Preparing to Shelter in Place
Webinar Presented by:
Bill Boyd, Director, Shared Services, Southern Company
Doug Omichinski, Corporate Manager of Construction, Bechtel Global Corporation
Mike Pappas, Associate Director, CII

Date posted: March 25, 2020