Construction Job Losses Have Hit an All-Time High

The construction industry loses record-breaking 975k jobs in April, and Eight Ways the Coronavirus is Changing Construction.

Construction Industry Loses 975,000 Jobs In April As New Association Survey Shows Deteriorating Demand For Construction Projects
The AGC Report
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“The dismal April numbers are proof, the AGC said, that the federal government should introduce new measures to help the construction industry recover. This includes infrastructure funding, as well as safe harbor provisions and more clarity from the Treasury Department regarding the rules for eligibility and forgiveness of Paycheck Protection Program loans.”‚Äč   

8 Ways the Coronavirus is Changing Construction. Are you ready for the paradigm shift?
ConstructionDive details sweeping changes from the U.S. construction industry:

  1. Jobsites will be cleaner and safer
  2. Distancing will be the norm, via technology
  3. Projects will take longer
  4. Telework will become more common
  5. Union influence will grow
  6. Demand for project types will change
  7. Supply chains will recalibrate
  8. Modular adoption will increase

Mitigation Strategies Used by CII Members
Mitigation strategies that CII members have talked about on these blog pages are measures that work to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on construction sites:
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Stay safe!
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Date posted: May 11, 2020