It's Time To Build

In a new essay, It’s Time To Build, Marc Andreessen, American entrepreneur, investor and software engineer, explains why the West was unprepared for the coronavirus pandemic, despite prior warnings. The problem runs deeper than one political party or one government. The West has been failing to act long before the pandemic. We chose not to have enough medical equipment or financial conduits for a situation we knew was coming.
Andreessen: “You don’t just see this smug complacency, this satisfaction with the status quo and the unwillingness to build, in the pandemic, or in healthcare generally. You see it throughout Western life, and specifically throughout American life.”

Andreesson details how the West has stopped building, and how it is reflected in our housing, education, manufacturing and transportation. This is a choice that can be changed. He finishes with a proposal that has prompted bloggers, his critics and other thinkers to respond.

Date posted: May 15, 2020