Webinar: CII Practices to Help Restart Projects

Unlocking the Value of CII 

Mike Pappas, Associate Director, CII, discusses Risk Management Assessment, PDRI, Construction Readiness Tool, and other CII Tools for Restarting Projects.

Webinar: CII Practices to Help Restart Projects - Complete Slides PDF

In the CII Knowledge Base, you will get the best results searching by title or by Research Team (use format “RT-xxx” in the search box).

  • Risk Management Process, SP 181-3 (RT-181)
  • Integrated Project Risk Assessment, IR 181-2v (RT-181)
  • Project Definition Rating Index
    • Industrial, IR 113-2 (RT-113 and RT-361)
    • Buildings, IR 155-2 (RT-155)
    • Infrastructure, IR 268-2 (RT-268)
    • Small Industrial, IR 314-2 (RT-314)
    • Small Infrastructure, 314a-2 (RT-314a)
    • Manufacturing and Life Sciences, FR MLS-02 (RT-MLS-02)
  • Project Health Indicator, IR 220-2 (RT-220)
  • Construction Readiness Assessment, RT-DCC-02
  • Quality of Problematic Design Deliverables for industrial projects, RT-320
    • Also see Quality of Problematic Design Deliverables for building projects, RT-320a
  • Alignment Thermometer, IR 113-3 (RT-113)
  • Project Priority Calculator, RT-204
  • Improving Hazard Recognition, RT-293
  • Best Productivity Practices Implementation Index, RT-252
  • Planning for Startup, IR 121-2 (RT-121)
  • Achieving Success in CSU, IR 312-2 (RT-312)

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Date posted: May 12, 2020