2020 Distinguished Service Award Presented to Steve Cabano, Eric Crivella, and Jamie Gerbrecht

In this unprecedented year, CII is pleased to recognize three prominent leaders for their invaluable contributions. We are honored to present Steve Cabano, Eric Crivella, and Jamie Gerbrecht with the 2020 CII Distinguished Service Award.

The Distinguished Service Award is the only CII Leadership Award selected by the CII staff. The recipient must have been a chair or co-chair of a CII standing committee or team, and have demonstrated a strong and lasting commitment to the mission and objectives of CII and to moving the industry forward.

 Please join us in congratulating Steve, Eric, and Jamie!

          Steve Cabano (Spring 2020)
Steve Cabano is the President of Pathfinder LLC, a leading consulting firm in the projects industry. We rely on Steve’s advice and leadership across many of CII’s most important initiatives. Pathfinder joined CII in 2006 and Steve served as the BOA representative and soon became engaged in CII’s Strategic Planning Committee.

Since then, he has been dedicated to serving the membership of CII in several capacities, including (to name only a few): serving on several CII Research Teams, Benchmarking Committee, Implementation Committee, SPC, Executive Committee Chair, SPC Co- Chair, and long-time Board Advisor.
Eric Crivella (Fall 2020)
Eric Crivella has been actively volunteering in CII since 2011. Eric is also one of CII’s AWP Superstars! As we’ve watched AWP rise to the pole position as one of the hottest project improvement tools among the industry, Eric has been there every step of the way. His passion for AWP is off the charts and CII has benefitted from that passion and expertise.  Currently, Eric is the Chair of CII’s AWP CBA.

Eric first served on CII’s BOA as Advisor for Bentley Systems, but now, he is helping to lead Digital Construction Works – and still serving on the BOA. Eric was a lead in CII’s NextGen/Local Connect program through his role in CII’s Strategic Planning Committee. He also volunteers in the DCC and has served on CII Research Teams on the topic of AWP.

Jamie Gerbrecht (Fall 2020)
Jamie Gerbrecht is the Global Technology Sponsor for ExxonMobil and has been active in CII since 2013. Jamie has been a true thought leader in the AWP “space” and has been a pivotal force in guiding CII’s program of research in support of advancing this topic. Jamie currently serves as the vice chair for the AWP CBA.  

In addition to being an AWP champion to the CII membership, Jamie represents ExxonMobil on the BOA, is involved in the DCC, and is active in the Data Analytics CBA. He was also an active member in Fiatech and has served on several CII AWP Research Teams.


Date posted: November 4, 2020