Webinar: Protected Activity and Employee Protection in Nuclear Construction

Thomas Saunders   
Presented by:
Thomas B. Saunders, Jr.
Site Oversight Director | GPC Nuclear Development – Vogtle Units 3&4
Southern Company

Watch this webinar and learn from my mistakes to improve your nuclear construction.

One of the critical management priorities in the nuclear industry is ensuring that a healthy safety-conscious work environment exists all the time. Management must, through its words and actions, continually focus on promoting and safeguarding protected activity so that employees remain confident that they can raise safety or technical concerns, without fear of present or future retaliation.

The industry knowledge base on safety topics is deep, but can be improved by increased communication on historical case studies and personal testimony. My personal experience has taught me the value of pausing to engage the right support resources to properly vet personnel decisions before taking final action.

I made a fast decision that eventually resulted in my entering an October 2019 Confirmatory Order with the NRC’s Office of Enforcement. Learn from my mistakes to avoid the NRC enforcement action I faced.


Date posted: November 10, 2020