National Construction Safety Week 2020

This is National Construction Safety Week! Each day during this week CII and its Safety Community for Business Advancement will post an article on different aspects of safety which they are working on to support the health, welfare and life safety of workers whether in an office or on a construction site. 
We wanted to kick off this year’s Safety Week with a look at the results from our annual Safety Survey, which CII has conducted since 1990. The charts below compare CII member company safety performance to the U.S. construction industry as reported to OSHA for reporting years 1989-2019. The reduction over time clearly shows the impact of what can be done to address what many thought was an intractable and inherent issue, in part due to the implementation of CII safety research findings over the last 30 years.

While CII members still lead the industry in safety, our goal is zero incidents, as embodied in our Zero Accidents Techniques Best Practice. Zero incidents has been achieved on many projects, including those with millions of work hours, but we seek to lower these overall numbers to zero. We are currently in a plateau that began in 2016, and looking for that next step change to reduce safety incidents even further. We have a Safety Community for Business Advancement – a group of subject matter experts who meet monthly to share their experience and work together to improve project safety; Friday’s post will contain information about how to join them in this effort. We recently kicked off a new safety research project, which will be the subject of Thursday’s post.

The improvements achieved over the last 30 years took a tremendous amount of commitment, education, and action from management and the entire workforce, and reaching zero is possible with our continued diligence.
Stay safe, look out for each other, and watch for tomorrow's blog on safety during on-boarding.

Date posted: September 14, 2020