Fall 2022 Distinguished Service Award Presented to Doug Omichinski

It is our great honor to present the Distinguished Service Award to one of CII’s most dedicated and active volunteers over the last decade: Mr. Doug Omichinski.

The Distinguished Service Award is the only CII Leadership Award selected by the CII staff. The recipient must have been a chair or co-chair of a CII standing committee or team, and have demonstrated a strong and lasting commitment to the mission and objectives of CII and to moving the industry forward.

Our team was thrilled to select Doug to receive this well-deserved recognition.

Doug is the Corporate Manager of Construction & Principal Vice President for Bechtel Global Inc., one of CII’s Founding Member Companies. Doug is currently responsible for all global construction activities for Bechtel and has 40 years of international and domestic experience with Bechtel on more than 23 construction-engineering projects.

If you have attended a CII Board Meeting, an Annual Conference or even been a part of a CII Research Team, you’ve likely had the pleasure of meeting Doug. Our Institute is better because of his leadership, participation and guidance.

Doug Omichinski was the 2021 Chair of the CII Executive Committee and he…

  • Has represented Bechtel on the Board of Advisors 
  • Served on CII’s Strategic Planning Committee 
  • Chaired Research Team 340: Corporate Best Practices for Successful Productivity Improvement Programs
  • Is the Vice-Chair of RT-390: Development of an AWP Execution Planning Guide for Projects, which launched in 2021

If you’ve had the privilege to work with Doug in any capacity, you’ve surely picked up on his passion for the mission of CII. I’d like to add that as the CII Chair, he successfully led our membership through one of the most challenging times we have experienced in CII’s 40 years: the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic!   

We cannot thank Doug enough for all he has done and continues to do for CII.

Date posted: November 3, 2022