On Safety Moments, and Trends in Construction Safety

A Message from CII's Safety Community for Business Advancement for Construction Safety Week 2023

During their quarterly meeting, in recognition of Construction Safety Week (May 1-5), CII's Safety CBA members held a roundtable discussion on the benefits of safety moments, and also on the latest trends in construction safety. In this blog post, we share the highlights.

Benefits of Beginning Meetings with a Safety Moment   

A significant feature of all CII meetings, whether in person or virtual, is opening with a safety moment that helps our members and their organizations avoid circumstances, or reduce actions, which lead to injuries or death.

Benefits of consistently practicing safety moments at meetings include:

  • Safety moment can be an ice-breaker and sets the meeting tone.
  • It sets an immediate focus on keeping participating members safe at work and at home.
  • By sharing experiences, safety become personal and more relevant.
  • Safety moments can be used to identify new hazards and new approaches to addressing safety issues.
  • Safety moments are most effective when people want to offer the meeting's safety moment, and when the presentation is conversational rather than being read from a slide.

 Trends in Construction Safety

Current trends in construction safety include:

If you would like to join CII's Safety CBA, please contact Heather Beal at hbeal@cii.utexas.edu.

We wish you all a safe and meaningful Construction Safety Week!

Date posted: April 26, 2023