Webinar: Safe and Efficient Maintenance of Civil Infrastructure Systems through Predictive Control of Human-in-the-Loop Operational Workflows

Aging civil infrastructure systems (CIS) like nuclear power plants, water utilities and airports require regular maintenance to prevent faults and performance reduction. CIS maintenance processes involve many interconnected tasks that influence many state changes of interdependent structural and mechanical components in rapidly evolving workspaces. Efficient execution of these tasks in quickly changing contexts with minimum safety concerns demands significant human efforts, including human/team cognition, decision-making, and activities.

Lack of proper comprehension and coordination of human-in-the-loop operational workflows could affect the cybersecurity, physical safety, and efficiency of CIS maintenance in a changing world. Comprehending human cognitive, task execution, and cyber-space behaviors during CIS maintenance is thus crucial.

This webinar aims at synthesizing Human-CIS research studies that capture, diagnose, and predict the impacts of human cognitive and task execution behaviors on the safety and efficiency of maintenance workflows. The presentation introduces a mathematical framework for characterizing various human reliability issues in maintaining CIS.

Webinar Slides can be viewed here.pdf

Presented by:

    Pingbo Tang
Associate Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University


Date posted: January 19, 2023