Webinar: Last Planner System

Last Planner System is a Registered Trademark of Lean Construction Institute. Used by Permission.

According to a classic Ballard & Howell study, the reliability of meeting trade commitments in the field averages 57% (it’s a coin toss). This results in projects overrunning their schedule completion dates 70% of the time. This poor reliability is a major source of waste in construction – a CII study revealed 57 of construction labor is wasted.

Causes include poorly coordinated trade handoffs and a lack of timely removal of constraints like RFI answers and timely material deliveries. Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is great at Constraint identification and removal, and the Lean Design and Construction community has found that poorly coordinated trade handoffs require a collaborative scheduling method than the Critical Path Method (CPM) traditionally used.

Ballard & Howell developed The Last Planner System® bringing three levels of planning from the office into the field, leveraging the intelligence, experience, and knowledge of front-line supervisors (the “Last Planners”®). This has resulted in increasing the reliability of trade commitments from traditional 57% to 80–90%, as proven project-by-project in the last 25 years.

This fast-paced, visually rich webinar is brought to you by CII's AWP + Lean Joint Working Group.

Presented by:

Dan Fauchier   
Dan Fauchier
Lean Construction Author and Facilitator
The ReAlignment Group of California



Date posted: May 10, 2023