Webinar: Introducing and Demonstrating RT-396's Modularization Business Case Analysis Tools

Although modularization is far from new or complicated, its implementation strategy is still poorly understood, properly planned, or effectively executed. To tackle these problems, CII Research Team 396 (RT-396) provided the solutions to help a company implement the appropriate modularization strategy at the appropriate time to gain the maximum benefits of modularization.

In this webinar, in conjunction with the publication of Final Report 396 and Implementation Resource 396-2, Dr. Jin Ouk Choi, the principal investigator of RT-396, explains the team’s findings in detail and demonstrate its three tools:
1. Modularization Business Case Analysis Tool for Opportunity Framing
2. Modularization Business Case Analysis Tool for Assessment and Selection
3. ESG Modularization Assessment Tool

Used together with the RT-396 research findings, this combination of tools defines a successful modularization strategy and assessment process AND, if implemented early and followed specifically, provides a path to the best modularization strategy for a project, including a direct relation between modularization and ESG factors. 

Presented by:

Dr. Jin Ouk Choi

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Date posted: November 9, 2023