Webinar: CII Research Team 394 Presents Implementation Resource on Portfolio Management

Corporations struggle to meet desired corporate outcomes and benefits consistently, mainly due to the suboptimal selection of capital allocation opportunities and resource utilization strategies. Previous research indicated that the current status quo could be improved by better integrating and strategically aligning the business, the portfolio management, and the project delivery functions.

CII Research Team 394 (RT-394) thus focused on interactions between the business and project teams during portfolio management that improve portfolio capital effectiveness (i.e., the organization’s ability to select and deploy capital projects that lead to the achievement of the strategic business outcomes and benefits considering all constraints) and project capital efficiency (i.e., the organization’s ability to define, develop, execute, and manage the delivery of a competitive project that optimizes strategic returns considering its safety, financial, schedule, social, quality, and/or environmental goals over its lifecycle).

This webinar introduces Implementation Resource 394-2, Capital Effectiveness & Efficiency: An Interactive, Integrated, and Structured Approach to Portfolio Management. This new CII resource includes the key activities necessary to effectively identify and select capital projects, the activity-specific benefits of integrating business and project teams, and successful practices to achieve this integration and alignment. The deployment of IR394-2 can improve an organization’s ability to plan a capital project portfolio, and help it deliver capital projects more effectively, efficiently, and consistently.

Presented by:

Carlos Caldas

The University of Texas at Austin

Dave Bullard
Oracle Construction & Engineering

Bassel Safa
Former MS Student
The University of Texas at Austin

Date posted: November 1, 2023