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Introducing Artificial Intelligence into AWP Implementation February 19, 2020

Daniel Oliveira, CII, discusses insights on possible strategies, applications, and an adoption framework that could serve capital projects organizations interested in leveraging AI for AWP.

What We Can Learn from CII February 17, 2020

Adrian Saldanha, with PCL Construction, takes us through a seminar on Advanced Work Packaging offered by the Construction Industry Institute and explains why membership in CII can really benefit your organization.

CII Ends the Decade Strong December 17, 2019

We sincerely appreciate and applaud those member organizations who have spent several decades contributing to the work of CII. This has been an incredible year for your R&D lab.

New CII Research Team December 5, 2019

CII is proud to announce our new Research Team DCC-06, Updating Project Delivery and Contract Strategies (funded by the Downstream and Chemicals Sector Committee).

Board Prioritization of CII Strategic Initiatives November 26, 2019

At the Fall 2019 meeting, Board of Advisors participated in three interactive workshops resulting in the approval to allocate “unallocated expenses” to five strategic initiatives.

CII's 2019 Research Publications - Now Available November 8, 2019

​We are glad to announce our latest releases. CII members can download these resources from our website for free, and non-members can purchase most of them.

Tricia Thibodeaux Receives 2019 Distinguished Service Award October 22, 2019

Tricia Thibodeaux is an exemplary leader and a true supporter of CII’s mission and vision.

The State of and Evolution of CII Research October 1, 2019

CII research has already accomplished a lot in 2019.

CII 2019 Awardees August 29, 2019

Join us in congratulating winners of the 2019 CII awards!

Owner-Procured Materials August 15, 2019

Through an owner case study, this insight from the National Academy of Construction shares the benefits of owner‐procured materials that support front‐end planning and procurement to accelerate delivery.

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