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Recapping CII's Annual Conference September 8, 2018

CII research developments and industry leaders' expertise made this year's well-attended event a unique and valuable experience.

Andeavor Receives CII Implementation Award July 25, 2018

CII is proud to announce Andeavor as the recipient of the 2018 CII Implementation Award!

CII 2018 Awardees July 25, 2018

Join us in congratulating winners of the 2018 CII awards!

Implementing Standard Industry-wide Quality Metrics (RS313-1 and IR313-2) May 14, 2018

CII chartered Research Team 313 (RT-313), Creating Standards for Industry-wide Quality Metrics, to develop a common set of quality metrics for the capital facilities delivery industry.

Researchers from Arizona State Win Award for New CII Research May 3, 2018

Research Team 331 won the CRC Best Paper Award out of 374 papers presented.

True Cost of Custom Design in a UMM Commodity Market April 18, 2018

How Can Higher Levels of Facility Design Standardization Be Achieved in the Upstream, Midstream, and Mining Sector?

CII Congratulates CETI Award Winners March 19, 2018

The Celebration of Engineering & Technology Innovation (CETI) Awards recognize significant achievements in technology research, development, and implementation in the capital projects industry.

Awards Recognize Outstanding Best Practices in Construction March 14, 2018

Did you know that the St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers (SLCCC) uses implementation of CII Best Practices as a measure of recognition?

Joint Industry Program – Market Analytics for Petroleum and Chemical Industry Capital Projects February 27, 2018

by Bob Ritter, CII Associate Director for Performance Assessment

Finance and Accounting Isn't for Cavemen February 9, 2018

by Stephen Mulva, CII Director

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