Blockchain 101: Opportunities in the AEC Industry

Date:  January 30, 2019

Blockchain, originally invented as the backbone for the digital currency, Bitcoin, has captured the imagination of professionals and industries across the world. From supply chain management to digitizing land registries, the blockchain has many potential applications in many different industries.

This webinar will open with a primer about blockchain technology, its benefits, and potential areas of applications in the AEC industry. The conversation will explain potential areas of application for the industry, such as with BIM, Supply Chain Management, IoT, and many other aspects.

Attendees should leave the webinar with an understanding of:

  • what blockchain is and how it works
  • the benefits of using blockchain
  • its potential areas of application in the AEC industry

Join us for fascinating conversation as to how blockchain can be incorporated into the AEC industry.


       Mohammad Shanna (LinkedIn) is the CEO and Co-founder of Morta, a construction technology startup building a blockchain-powered collaboration platform for the construction industry. Previously, he worked as an Associate to the Chief Information Officer of CCC, where he focused on establishing best practices for BIM-based project controls and was the Deputy Leader of the Innovation and R&D initiative. Mohammad has an MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge, a BEng in Engineering from the University of Warwick, and a Blockchain Strategy for Business certificate from the University of Oxford.

Matthew Morrison (LinkedIn) is the CTO and Co-founder of Morta. He spent the last 12 months developing blockchain applications with some of the top professors as part of his MSc in Computer Science at Imperial College London. This effort culminated in his receiving a prize from for the best blockchain-related MSc project. Before this, Matt worked for six years in investment banking and asset management, where he focused on technology businesses.