Frequently Asked Questions

Program Questions


How can I prepare for the class? Will any pre-read materials be made available?

Preparing for the program is simple:
  • You will receive a few pre-read course materials once registration is complete.
  • Most pre-read materials may be accomplished after your arrival in Austin.

How many Professional Development Hours will I earn by attending this program? When will I receive a certificate?

Approximately 65 hours will be awarded for the 2021 program. There will be a sign-in sheet at the door of the program, and each attendees should sign in when he or she arrives each day. After the program is complete, each attendee will be mailed a certificate for the PDH hours.

Looking at the course schedule, what is an “executive dinner”?

There will be two executive dinners, during which you will personally meet with and participate in a presentation by the CII Director and other industry leaders.

What are the “company presentations”?

During each company presentation, a participant will spend five to ten minutes introducing himself or herself and his or her company to the group. This may be done with or without accompanying PowerPoint slides. If wish to you use slides, please include one slide for each attendee from a company and two or three slides maximum for the company itself. All slides must be sent to the attention of Heather Beal before you are assigned a presentation time.

What is the dress code?

Dress is business casual with the exception of the class photo on Thursday, May 6 and the executive dinners on Thursday, May 6 and Monday, May 10. You will be given time before these events to return to your hotel room and change into business attire.

Registration Questions

(All figures are given in U.S. dollars.)


What is the discount for multiple attendees from one company? How is it applied?

The fee for a single registration from a CII member company is $19,900.
Each additional registration from the same member company is $17,900.

The fee for a single registration from a non-member company is $20,900.
Each additional registration from the same non-member company is $18,800.

Who do I contact to make a payment?

Please contact Heather Beal with any questions.

When is the payment due?

Payment in full is due 30 days from date of registration. Please contact Heather Beal for additional payment options (government PO, late registration, etc.).

I registered but can’t attend this year due to a last-minute work conflict. Can I transfer my registration fee to someone else in my organization? If so, what is the cutoff date?

Yes, your registration may be transferred to an associate in your company. Please notify us of this need by April 26.

I work for a State or Federal agency and require a purchase order to make the payment. Is that an option?

Yes, exceptions may be made for Federal and State government agencies that require a purchase order to support payment. Please contact Heather Beal with any questions.

Travel/Hotel Questions


What is the nearest airport?

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA)

Where is the hotel located?

AT&T Hotel and Conference Center
1900 University Avenue
Austin, TX  78705

For more information, refer to the hotel’s Parking, Transportation, Directions page or see additional information about transportation on the ABIA website.

Where is the program classroom?

The classroom is located in the McCombs School of Business’ new Rowling Hall (pronounced “rolling”).

Rowling Hall
300 W. Martin Luther King Blvd.
Austin, TX  78705

The classroom is adjacent to the AT&T Hotel and the two buildings are connected by both a pedestrian walkway and a new underground walkway. Please check with the hotel front desk upon arrival for directions to the classroom.

Is parking available at the hotel? If so, what does it cost?

Yes, there is underground parking at the hotel. Please let the hotel desk know that you are parked. You will need a parking pass to enter and exit the lot during your stay.

Current fees (please confirm fees when you check into the hotel):
  • Self-parking fee: $21 per night (in/out privileges)
  • Valet parking fee: $32 per night (in/out privileges

If you only need the parking pass for a few days or over the weekend, let the front desk know the specific dates you need. The hotel will post the parking fees to your hotel bill as an incidental, and you will need to pay that amount upon your check-out.

Do I need to make my own hotel room reservations?

No. CII will provide your hotel reservations according to your requested dates as provided as feedback after your registration is approved. Please contact Heather Beal with any questions about your room reservations.

Can my family stay with me in my hotel room?

Yes, family members are welcome to stay with you in the hotel. Please advise the hotel upon check-in of additional persons in the room.

How do my room charges get paid?

There two types of room charges:
  1. Room and taxes will be paid directly by the program for the course dates posted on your registration form. Room nights outside the course dates will be the responsibility of the attendee and payable upon check-out.
  2. Incidental charges are the responsibility of the attendee and payable upon check-out.

Can I ask for two queen beds instead of a king bed? Is there any price difference?

Yes, there is an option for two queen beds, based on hotel availability. There is no price difference for this type of room.

Can I arrive early or stay late to visit the area? How do I handle the cost for the additional nights?

Yes, if the hotel has availability, the guest may reserve additional nights before and/or after the program nights. Room nights outside the program dates are the responsibility of the attendee and payable upon check-out. Please contact Heather Beal with any questions.

Is there someplace nearby where I can work out?

The hotel’s fitness center, located on the mezzanine level, is open to guests 24 hours a day (room key required).

Can I order special meals due to my dietary requirements (i.e., halal, kosher, gluten-free, low-sodium)? Is there an additional fee for this?

Yes, you will be provided with a form to note any special meal needs during the program. There is no additional fee for this.

What provisions are being made to accommodate social distancing? Will I have to wear a mask to class? If COVID-19 or another medical issue arises, what cancellation options are available?

Accommodations for social distancing and/or cancellation options for medical issues will be based upon the advisories that are in effect at the time of the program. If a cancellation occurs and no substitute from your organization is available to attend, then a slot will be reserved in your company’s name for the next program offering.