Registered Provider: CII Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI)

Date:  October 3 - 4, 2019

Location: 660 S. College Ave, Tempe, Arizona

Hosted by Arizona State University

This course is offered on the campus of Arizona State University (ASU) by the developers of five widely-used CII scope definition tools used to enhance front end planning; these tools are called the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI). The PDRI tools focus on three industry sectors: industrial, infrastructure or building; and broken further into large and small projects. The course focuses on how and when to most effectively employ each; it also overviews details about the PDRI and its use including advanced facilitation instruction incorporating a hands-on PDRI facilitation exercise. Use of the PDRI software tools will be demonstrated, including PDRI-Industrial 5.0, which incorporates both maturity and accuracy assessments. The class is the first step in becoming a Certified PDRI Facilitator through ASU. Certification is optional and please contact ASU for more details.