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CII has entered into The Best Practices–Best Practitioners Alliance with the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA). CMAA works to improve capital project manager competence through the CMAA Certified Construction Manager credential, as well as its Standards of Practice.

Sister Organization

CII has one sister organization, Process Industry Practices (PIP) PIP's membership, funding, and governance are separate and apart from CII. PIP develops and implements common industry practices for project EPC and maintenance-related work.

Co-sponsored Research

CII works in collaboration with numerous entities to pursue like-minded goals of improving capital projects processes. The following current CII research projects are either co-funded by CII and another entity or fully funded by another entity:

  • RT-320A – Definition and Measurement of Engineering/Design Deliverable Quality for Building Facilities
    Fully sponsored by the Department of State
  • CII-CPF-RGA 07-16 – Construction Industry Validation of Schedule Performance Measure
    Conducted by The Catholic University of America
  • CII-15-19-Waterloo – Improved Integration and Implementation of CII’s Best Practices through the Industry Foundation Processes (IFP) System
    Conducted at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada and co-funded by NSERC