Research Projects Reporting out in 2020

The following teams are presenting CII research this year. All of the research will be published by this fall or winter, and some publications are available already. (Look for the red text below.)

From Behavior to Results: Finding the Path to Collaborative Scheduling Success‚Äč (RT-362)

Final Report 362
 – publishing this winter
Presented as a
free CII webinar

Modernizing the Supply Chain and Increasing the Value of Advanced Work Packaging (RT-363)

Final Report 363
 – publishing this winter

Integrating Commissioning and Startup into the Advanced Work Packaging Work Process (RT-364)

Final Report 364 – available now

Promoting the Use of Advanced Work Packaging (RT-365)

Final Report 365  available now

Special Publication 365-1 available now

Creating a PDRI for Mining Projects (RT-366 and CII Africa Chapter)

Final Report 366 
available now
Presented as a
free CII webinar

Facility Standardization for Program Success (RT-UMM-01)

Final Report UMM-01, Version 2.0
 – publishing this fall
Presented as a
free CII webinar

AWP Digital Threads to Enable Supply Chain Visibility on Capital Projects (RT-TC-03)

Final Report TC-03 – available now

Path to the Future: Technology and Innovation in 2050 (RT-TC-04)

Final Report TC-04 – available now

Advanced Work Packaging Data Requirements (WG19-01)

Special Report 19-01 – available now
Presented at the AWP Research
Virtual Summit

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