CII Research

For over 35 years, CII has delivered rigorous research that supports the businesses of companies in the capital project industry. The CII advantage in research is its ability to combine credible, quantitative, university-based research with expert guidance from personnel from CII member organizations. This unique combination results in world-class research that has helped to establish CII as the principal national forum for the engineering and construction industry.

CII research is distributed across overarching programs, sector-specific topics, and technology topics. This page summarizes ongoing and past projects, as well as the potential future research ideas gathered in the CII Research Clearinghouse.

CII Research Programs

Starting this year, CII's overarching research will be framed within research programs. Each research program drives a long-term goal that will improve CII members' businesses and bring innovation to the delivery of capital projects. Programs bring together standing committees, sector committees, and Communities for Business Advancement (CBAs) to work toward common goals.

CII Ongoing Research

CII ongoing research teams fall into three categories, based upon which committee provides funding and oversight:

Overarching Research Teams

RT-341 – Integrated Project Delivery for Industrial Projects
RT-362 – Challenges and Opportunities to Promote Collaborative Scheduling
RT-363 – Integrating the Supply Chain with AWP Practices
RT-364 – AWP-Integrated Practices for Construction Completions, Commissioning, and Startup
RT-370 – Modeling the Composition of the 2030 Workforce
RT-371 – Onsite versus Offsite Construction – The Impact of Offsite Construction on the Workforce
RT-372 – Smart Model-centric Life Cycle Approach to Collaborative Execution of Capital Projects

 Sector Research Teams

RT-DCC-04 – Promoting the Use of Advanced Work Packaging
RT-DCC-05 – MCPI – The Business Case for Modular Chemical Process Intensification
RT-FHC-02 – The Relationship between the Built Environment and the Business Case
RT-UMM-01 – Achieving Higher Levels of Standardized Facility Design in the Upstream, Midstream, and Mining (UMM) Commodity Market

Technology Research Teams

RT-TC-03 – Digital Threads


CII Research Clearinghouse

Research ideas are always emerging across CII's standing committees, sector committees, and Communities for Business Advancement (CBAs). The list below collects these groups' top ideas as of spring 2019. Committees and CBAs regularly revisit this list to align their respective research initiatives.

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Technology Committee

Technology Committee – Digital Collection & Reporting of Site Labor Hours
Technology Committee – Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven Database Cleansing & Migration Tool
Technology Committee – Material Tracking Tagging Standard (to serve the needs of both EPCs and Project Owners)

Sector Committees

Downstream and Chemicals Sector Committee – Craft Competition (members-only PDF file )
Downstream and Chemicals Sector Committee – Developing the Next Generation of Field Supervisors (members-only PDF file )
Downstream and Chemicals Sector Committee – Productivity Cultures (members-only PDF file )
Downstream and Chemicals Sector Committee – Provide Information at the Right Time and in the Right Format (members-only PDF file )
Power, Utilities, and Infrastructure Sector Committee – Industry-level Strategies for Dealing with Regulatory Changes
Power, Utilities, and Infrastructure Sector Committee – Regulatory Readiness Index
Power, Utilities, and Infrastructure Sector Committee – A Cost-Benefit Analysis Methodology for the PUI-01 Future-Proofing Framework
Power, Utilities, and Infrastructure Sector Committee – Regulatory Future-Proofing Maturity Model

Communities for Business Advancement

Information Management CBA – How AI and machine learning can reduce IM and other construction costs, increase productivity
Project Controls CBA – PC Maturity Matrix; AI for project scheduling
Quality Management CBA – Creating consistent reporting around rework; continued work on RT-313 + intersection between quality and safety
Risk Management CBA – Development of a Risk Maturity Model
Safety CBA – EHSS Training effectiveness
Safety CBA – EHSS in PDRI in site selection, community relations, air, water and environmental permits, technology selection
Safety CBA – New Technology opportunities for advancements in construction and safety
Safety CBA – A “Living Library” to compile hazards in the field and develop algorithm for data to identify potential events; increase EHSS training effectiveness & PDRI-EHSS steps; design in and out safety concerns
Supply Chain Management CBA – Use AI to clean up connectivity throughout the materials supply chain; SCM Blockchain applications


CII Past Research

The Sunset Research Teams page lists most of CII’s past research teams, and it links from most teams to their respective listings in the CII Knowledge Base.

You can find examples of Technology Committee developments here and examples of past technology projects (Fiatech) here.

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