CII Research – How to Get Involved

Participation in research teams is a critical contribution to CII initiatives. CII believes that it is one of the essential ways a CII member can learn about CII practices and processes and contribute to the progress of the capital projects industry.

What is a Research Team?

Research Teams are ad hoc groups composed of member representatives, one or more academic principal investigators (PIs), and other support personnel assembled by the staff to conduct research on a project. The general responsibilities of an RT include:

  • Guiding and providing data for the research effort
  • Ensuring completion of the research effort, including a report that describes the value of the research from an industry perspective

Industry Members

Participating in research teams allows for industry members to:

  • Work with the best of the best in academia and industry.
  • Learn about new practices and tools firsthand.
  • Gain professional development.
  • Network and learn from your peers.
  • Create results that will move you, your company, and the industry forward!

Typically, a CII research team is intended to be a two-year project with a mix of online and face-to-face meetings (three or four meetings per year). The average monthly effort for this project is expected to be three to 10 hours. The time commitment will be higher in months with F2F meetings (eight hours plus travel time) and lower on months with online calls (a one-hour call and some time for small tasks or data collection).


CII selects Principal Investigators for overarching research using requests for qualifications (RFQs) and requests for proposals (RFPs). An RFQ/RFP is typically sent out once per year to a distribution list maintained by CII, as well as to the Construction Research Congress’ distribution list. To qualify, an academic must hold a terminal degree and have a full-time tenure-track appointment to an accredited university.

If you are an academic in the U.S. or Canada and want to be included in CII’s distribution list, please fill in the online form.

Kristi Delaney, Project Manager
(512) 232-3002