Implementation Roadmap

Here are some recommendations and a few of the tools at your disposal and suggested timeline for their use:

Access Now Contact your organization's Online Administrator for a CII website account to access the CII body of knowledge. CII members can download most publications for free. CII Implementation Resources convey methods and practices that allow you to implement CII research findings effectively.
Participate Now CII holds CII Performance Workshops each year. These workshops are specifically designed to help Implementation Champions in their role as they share challenges and successes with their peers while learning about new practices and adaptations of CII practices. PIWs help attendees understand the available services and opportunities available to CII members. Visit the CII Performance Workshop website and make plans now to attend.
Assess Within 2 Weeks The CII Best Practices Guide: Improving Project Performance allows quick assessment of how CII Best Practices are being implemented within an organization. Grasp to what degree they are being implemented and establish a point of departure in implementation activities.
Learn Within 3 Weeks CII has recently published a series of guidance documents that are useful in guiding your implementation efforts.
RS246-1, The Implementation Planning Model: An Overview, provides guidance in planning for implementation through the use of a model. RS246-1a, The Role of Executive Support in Implementation Champion Success, documents research findings on how divergent perceptions of implementation challenges by the executive sponsor and the implementer can threaten the success of their organization’s implementation efforts.
RS246-1b, Support for the Implementation Champion: The Experience Reference Index, provides guidance on implementation approaches based on an organization’s experience in implementing CII research and geographic deployment of its offices.
IR246-2, Implementation Planning Model: Steps to Success, provides a complete methodology for introducing CII practices to the workplace.
Implement Within 4 Weeks

The Implementation Tool Box gives CII members resources to bring about change in organizations. It eases the process of understanding what is available from CII.
The Implementation Assistant, based on IR246-2, Implementation Planning Model: Steps to Success, allows establishment of implementation metrics to guide introduction of new processes into the organization.
The Implementation Planning Tool is a MS Excel version of the CII Implementation Assistant.
The Implementation Kick-off Meeting Agenda is a template to use at the first meeting.

Follow-up Each January CII members should assemble their implementation team such as CII Board Members, Board Alternates, Implementation Champion(s), etc., in person or via conference call and establish the organization’s goals for participating in CII for the year. Determine who will be attending CII events such as Performance Improvement Workshops, Board Meetings, and the Annual Conference; decide who will be participating in CII Research Teams, joining CII Committees, and Communities of Practice; establish what the organization expects from these participants in terms of value to be brought back and shared within the organization.

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