CII offers the following programs and a full complement of Professional Development events and resources to support the implementation of CII research findings:

  • The Implementation Roadmap provides a logical schedule of implementation activities.
  • The Implementation Champions (IC) program identifies Implementation Champions who have been assigned to implement CII capital project delivery research findings within their organization.
  • The Implementation Navigator is a table organized so you can quickly locate all of the CII implementation resources, training materials, and Toolbox presentations that are available to support each of the 15 CII Best Practices.
  • The Implementation Tool Box, a Web-based portal for CII members, aids implementation of CII Practices by detailing the Implementation Model, providing contact to CII knowledge experts, and linking to CII products and conference presentations.
  • The Implementation Assistant is a web-based tool that allows you to create and track implementation plans based on the guidance provided by IR246-2, The Implementation Planning Model: Steps to Success.
  • The Implementation Planning Tool is an Excel version of the CII Implementation Assistant.

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