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CII Online Course Descriptions

Introduction to Construction Safety: Part I

Preventing worker injuries and fatalities on construction projects is the highest priority on a project. Safety is an integral part of every construction project, and should be considered in every phase of the project. Many opportunities exist to ensure worker safety. The CII suite of online courses on safety provide guidance on how to effectively design, implement, and monitor safety programs on a project and within an organization.

In Part I, you will learn some basic safety definitions, along with how the construction industry performs in regards to safety, theories about why injury accidents happen, and the impacts of injuries/fatalities and of working safely.

Part I also explains the:

    • Characteristics of safety in the construction industry
    • Common causes of construction site injuries and fatalities
    • Definitions of terms used in safety
    • Theories of why injury accidents occur
    • The impacts of safety on construction projects

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