Professional Development

CII professional development encompasses the following elements and learning nuggets to support CII research findings implementation.

Custom Events & Programs
  • Benchmarking Associates Training focuses on how to benchmark capital projects using CII’s large project questionnaire.
  • Annual Conference features presentations on research findings, implementation case studies, and industry trends, along with prominent invited speakers.
  • CII Executive Leadership Program offers a world-class leadership program for senior executive candidates.
  • CII Best Practices Program is a nationally broadcasted graduate college-level program delivered by CII member organization leaders focusing on CII Best Practices via a distance learning medium.
  • The Professional Development Continuum supports construction project management professionals via resources readily available to meet developmental and competence needs.
  • CII Education Modules are CII research based adult-learning courses for instructor-led training.
  • Online courses are cost-effective, just-in-time, web-based virtual courses based on CII Best Practices.
  • The CII Registered Education Provider Program offers a qualified corps of instructors who are familiar with CII Best Practices and available to teach CII members and the general public.
  • Learning Nuggets offers educational insights or learning tips from CII member organizations.
  • CII Professional Development Coordinators evaluate CII professional development opportunities and align them with their corporate professional development goals.
  • Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits from CII are issued for attendance at designated CII events and support professional development and certification.
  • CII Communities of Practice (COPs) promote knowledge sharing and interchange among CII members. Each COP focuses on a vital industry issue with interaction principally via virtual meetings.
  • The Best Practices–Best Practitioners Alliance with the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) works to improve capital project manager competence through the CMAA Certified Construction Manager Credential as well as its Standards of Practice.

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