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CII Registered Education Provider Program

Frequently Asked Questions


Does this program restrict the use of CII materials by academics if they participated in the development of that material?

No. This program does not restrict the use of materials developed by CII academic researchers for undergraduate or graduate university educational programs or for their consulting purposes. Academics who choose to participate in this program will benefit by being referred to seekers of instruction on CII material; only CII Registered Education Providers will be referred.


Will CII provide Registered Education Provider training?

No. The registration process will insure that Registered Education Providers are providing competent instruction in terms of the content as well as the instructor.


What is the purpose of the fees?

The purpose of the fees is to fund the development and maintenance of CII educational resources.

Will CII recognize “in kind” contributions I currently provide CII as part of the fee?

This is certainly possible. Please submit details on the services you are provided with your registration. Here are some examples of opportunities for “in kind” or collaborative efforts.

Registration categories

What is an Individual CII Registered Education Provider?

This is an individual who is the sole provider of instruction for an organization that is a CII Registered Education Provider. A good example is a consultant working alone.

Several of us work together to provide instruction. What is the applicable fee?

You may each register as an Individual CII Registered Education Provider or you may decide that it is more economical for you to register as an entity under which all of you deliver instruction as an Institutional CII Registered Education Provider.

Must instructors of an Institutional CII Registered Education Provider also be registered as Individual CII Registered Education Providers?

No. The Institutional CII Registered Education Provider will itself register and provide information on each of its instructors as required by the program.

Registration qualification criteria

What criteria will be used to determine who is qualified to be a CII Registered Education Provider?

The criteria are listed in the program guidelines (see Section 9). Upon receipt of the required documents, CII will determine if the application meets the criteria.


How will marketing be handled?

CII periodically promotes its educational programs, and CII will only include Registered Education Providers. Normal promotion opportunities include the CII website, CII newsletters, and various documents prepared by CII for distribution at CII events. In addition, CII will refer requests for CII research-based education to CII Registered Education Providers.

Will CII link to a Registered Education Provider’s course website from the CII website?

If the course is based on CII material, CII will link to the website offering the course.

Continuing Education Credits

Will CII or The University of Texas award continuing education credits to participants in the courses that I will teach?

No. CII Registered Education Providers are responsible for providing continuing education credits when, in the judgment of the Provider, the credit is justified.

Purchase of CII materials

Do CII Registered Education Providers receive a discount on the purchase of CII publications?

Yes. The discount is listed in the program guidelines (see Section 10.3).

Quality Control

How will CII control who teaches CII material?

If the instructor is a Registered Education Provider or is providing instruction on behalf of a Registered Education Provider, CII will review the instructor’s qualifications during the registration process. CII will also receive performance evaluations on the instructor at the time of registration renewal. If the instructor is not a Registered Education Provider, the instructor will not be referred to seekers of instruction by CII.


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