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Supply Chain management


News Release
January 5, 2017

CII Launches Supply Chain Management Community of Practice

Austin, TX – CII is pleased to announce that a new Supply Chain Management Community of Practice (COP) was launched on November 30, 2016.

The concept for forming the Supply Chain Management COP is jointly supported by CII and members of the Procurement Executives Group (PEG) for the purpose of providing a forum for members to share their knowledge of Supply Chain Management issues, principles and practices, with a focus on improved project performance. The new Supply Chain Management COP is being co-chaired by Alison Cochrane of Zachry Group and Stephen Booker of ExxonMobil. Dr. Douglas Morrice of The University of Texas at Austin will serve as the Academic Administrator. During their kickoff meeting, the Supply Chain Management community leaders and members agreed on the following vision and purpose:

“The Supply Chain Management COP is composed of members that share a vision of guiding CII members to enhanced project performance through supply chain management and related procurement and materials management practices. The goal of its members is to communicate principles, practices, and tools for successful implementation of key supply chain management principles through knowledge sharing and participation.”

Now that the Supply Chain Management COP has been formed and their new charter has been approved, they are ready to expand! CII members interested in joining and participating are encouraged to contact the above co-chairs or CII for next meeting details.

CII currently has ten active Communities of Practice focused on the topics of safety, information management, front end planning, next-generation leaders, risk management, modularization, quality management, project controls, advanced work packaging, and now supply chain management. These COPs provide significant value to CII members by providing knowledge, information sharing, and problem solving on a real-time basis. In addition, they provide access to subject matter experts on specific practice areas and related topics.

For more information or to join any of the COPs listed above, please contact Kim Allen or visit the Communities of Practice webpage on the CII website at:


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