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Outstanding CII Graduate Research Assistant Award

The Funded Studies Committee solicits nominations each year for an Outstanding CII Graduate Research Assistant, to be recognized at the CII Annual Conference. The award criteria include:

  • The graduate research assistant has made an important contribution to research that has the potential to significantly improve the construction industry.
  • The award is for work on CII research completed in the award year, by a team that has submitted all products to CII.
  • The graduate research assistant's excellence is recognized by the research team members, CII staff, and knowledgeable membership. The staff will coordinate team input with research team chairs.
  • The graduate research assistant has worked to ensure the quality, completeness, and timeliness of the team's research report.

    The graduate research assistant has actively and regularly participated in team meetings and initiatives, and has supported or performed team tasks.

    Individuals may be nominated by a member of any of the following:

    • A CII Research Team (i.e., principal investigators and industry team members)
    • A Funded Studies Committee Sponsor
    • A CII standing committee member
    • A member of the CII Staff

    Individuals may not nominate themselves. The nominator must have sufficient knowledge of the nominee to supply appropriate information on the Nomination for Award Form.

    Selection Procedure


    All nominations will be submitted to CII, attention: Kristi Delaney. The deadline for nominations is Monday, April 24, 2017. The nominations will forwarded to the Outstanding CII Researcher Award Panel of Judges. This Panel of Judges will be composed of:

    • Three (3) members of the Funded Studies Committee (1 Owner, 1 Contractor, 1 Academic)
    • One (1) Funded Studies Committee team sponsor
    • One (1) member of the Quality Assurance Team
    • CII's Associate Director of Funded Studies (chair of the panel)

    The panel will select the recipient in accordance with the award criteria. The CII Executive Committee will confirm the selection. This Award will be presented to the individual at the Annual Conference.

    In general, this award will be given to one individual at a time for a single research effort; however, in the case of a team with more than one graduate student assistant, it may be awarded to more than one individual. This is a highly selective award and is not an annual award; it will only be awarded when a viable candidate has been identified.

    2017 Nomination Form

    Past Recipients

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