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2017 Request for Proposals for Sector Committee Research Topics (Jan 25, 2017 deadline)

Download RFP (PDF file)

The Construction Industry Institute (CII) is currently soliciting proposals for the topics selected by its Sector Committees. The five Sector Committees (SCs) are part of the new CII organization and aim to sponsor research projects that foster innovation in the delivery of capital projects and provide breakthrough impact on the business imperatives of each sector. The topics can be viewed on the downloadable RFQ document.

CII seeks Principal Investigators (PIs) experienced in academic research in Construction Engineering and Management.  Any faculty member holding a terminal degree in their discipline from an accredited university is invited to respond to this RFP. CII also requires the participation of academics outside the Construction Engineering and Management field. Proposals without this “outside” PI will be returned without review. Each faculty member may submit proposals for up to two topics, in accordance with the format described in Appendix B. However, a faculty member cannot be selected as PI for more than one research topic starting in the same year.  Proposals should not exceed a three-page limit, excluding the PIs information sheets.  The full proposal, including the PI information sheet and any references are required to be submitted in a single .pdf or .doc file.

Submissions should be sent to Kristi Delaney at no later than 5 pm CDT on January 25, 2017. Submitted proposals will be reviewed by the respective sponsoring sectors. Each sector will select projects based on the strength of the core concept/idea and the qualifications of the team. Results will be communicated on February 10, 2017.

Following the selection of the PI team and assembly of the RT members, the team will be given approximately seven months to develop the research. The research work should consider the milestones and key dates provided in Appendix C. In this period, research teams (including academics and industry members) are expected to meet regularly in a series of face-to-face and virtual meetings. Each sponsoring sector will oversee the research development, including evaluating the interim report and reviewing the presentation for the BOA meeting. The results should be presented in CII’s 2017 Fall Board of Advisors meeting, in October 2017.

CII will enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with each selected PI’s University to complete the proposed research. CII intends, for each PI, to fund one-month of Summer salary and travel expenses for team meetings during the six/seven months exploratory research project. CII also intends to fund one graduate student for the project.

Prospective PIs should address all questions concerning the RFP process to John Borcherding (see contact info below). CII will also provide a webinar to be held in early January in order to provide guidance for prospective PIs and to answer any questions about the RFP process. The session will also address specific questions about the RTSs. The call-in information and web link will be provided in early January.

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