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Active Research Teams

The following Research Teams are active in CII research:

 308   Achieving Zero Rework through Effective Supplier Quality Practices (2012 - )
 311   Successful Delivery of Flash-track Projects (2013 - )
 313   Creating Standards for Industry-wide Quality Metrics (2013 - )
 314A   (Continuation) PDRI Tool for Small Infrastructure Projects
 317   Safety Performance through Operational Discipline (2013 - )
 320   Definition and Measurement of Engineering/Design Deliverable Quality
 320A   Definition and Measurement of Engineering/Design Deliverable Quality For Building Facilities
 321   Using Precursor Analysis to Prevent Low-frequency High-impact Events, Including Fatalities
 322   Improving Project Progress and Performance Assessment
 323   Finding Leading Indicators to Prevent Premature Starts, and Assuring Uninterrupted Construction
 324   Future Construction Needs of Virtual Design Models
 325   Best Practices for Succession Planning
 326   Maximizing Virtual Team Performance in the Construction Industry
 330   The Role of Frontline Supervision in Improving Construction Productivity and Performance
 331   Assessing the Maturity and Accuracy of FEED to Support Phase-gate Approvals
 332   Measuring Progress and Defining Productivity Metrics in Model-based Engineering
 333   Transition Management between Construction Completion, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, and Operations
 334   Best Practices for Preventing Out-of-sequence Construction Activities and Minimizing their Impacts
 335   Improving the U.S. Workforce Development System
 340   (RTS 3) Corporate Best Practices for Successful Productivity Improvement Programs
 341   (RTS 7) Integrated Project Delivery for Industrial Projects
 344   (RTS 12) Improved Integration of the Supply Chain in Materials Planning and Work Packaging
 FS   Funded Studies Committee

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