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AWP-U Deloitte DyCat Group ASI Pathfinder PTAG Valency Verum Grishin
CII Best Practices
 Advanced Work Packaging    
 Benchmarking & Metrics      
 Change Management    
 Disputes Prevention & Resolution        
 Front End Planning (including PDRI)    
 Implementation of CII Research    
 Lessons Learned    
 Materials Management          
 Planning for Modularization          
 Planning for Startup    
 Project Risk Assessment    
 Quality Management    
 Team Building        
 Zero Accidents Techniques          
CII Knowledge Areas
 Business and Project Processes    
 Commissioning, Startup & Handover  
 Construction Execution    
 Construction Technology        
 Design Planning & Optimization    
 General CII Information        
 Human Resources Management          
 Information Management Technology          
 Materials Management          
 Performance Assessment      
 Procurement & Contracts      
 Professional Development  
 Project & Program Management    
 Project Controls        
 Project Organization & Communication        
 Project Planning  
 Quality Management    
 Risk Management      
 Sustainability, Environmental & Security