Perform commissioning and operating activities required to achieve design performance levels.  The phase may be executed by the Owner or by a third party under contract.  A Performance Test Report is a normal product of the phase.


Perform adequate conceptual design to allow selection of the best of identified project approaches, analyze concept(s) and prepare Study Cost Estimate to confirm project viability.  In addition to the cost estimate, deliverables generally include an initial Project Execution Plan, a preliminary schedule and a number of preliminary engineering design documents.

Synonyms: opportunity; idea; project conception;

The function responsible for the completion of all activities in the Construction Phase.  A number of other functions will act in a supportive role in the Construction Phase.  During the Concept, Detail Scope, Detailed Design Phases, the Construction Function will take a lead load in performing Constructability and in planning and scheduling the Construction Phase.

Synonyms: administration; Assistance Marche de Traveux(ACT)

Finalize technology, project objectives, process and design scope definition, major equipment pricing and the Project Execution Plan to support a Budget Cost Estimate and funding request.  In addition, deliverables from this Phase include a Detailed Scope Document adequate to effectively support the Detailed Design, Procurement and Construction Phases.

Synonyms: Preliminary engineering; pre-project planning; front-end planning; front end;

With the Detailed Scope Document as a basis, perform multiple discipline design activities and produce documents in support of procurement, construction, commissioning and startup.  The major deliverables from the phase are Issue for Construction (IFC) and Procurement Documents.

Synonyms: detailed design and procurement; detailed engineering and procurement; project execution; project design; detailed engineering;

Identify a potentially beneficial business opportunity and perform initial analysis, scoping and Order of Magnitude Estimate to determine whether the opportunity is worth further investigation.  Completion of the Feasibility Phase may or may not result in a capital project.  A Business Sponsor’s Project Objective, a Phase Report and a Path Forward is provided for an opportunity that is to proceed to the Concept Phase.

Synonyms: programming; esquisse(ESQ);conceptual design;

Perform regulatory, contractual, archival and Owner required activities to close the project in an orderly manner.  Once complete, the project Handover & Closeout has been fulfilled.  The facility Handover may occur early during this phase if a third party under contract executes Commission & Startup.


With the Detailed Scope Document and Issue for Construction (IFC) and Procurement Documents as a basis, perform multiple discipline procurement activities to provide equipment, material and labor to support the Construction, and Commissioning & Startup Phases.  Documents produced during the phase normally include Request for Quotes & Bids/Bid Analysis for Labor, Equipment & Materials, Purchase Order Documentation, and Labor Contracts and Sub-contracts.  The Procurement Phase normally overlaps multiple phases.