2003 Conference Downloads

The 2003 CII Annual Conference had the theme, “Driving Greater Capital Efficiency.” It was held in Orlando, Florida.

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Opening Remarks
Emerson Johns, Conference Chair
Johns Chair (PDF)
Director’s Remarks
Ken Eickmann, CII
Eickmann Opener
New Capital Direction for Industries in Transition
(Keynote Speaker)
John P. Surma, Jr.
Surma Keynote
Safety – Owner Involvement Makes A Difference
(Project Team 190, Owners’ Role in Safety)
John Mathis, Bechtel Corporation
The Value Management Toolkit
(Project Team 184, Value Management Toolkit Development)
Katherine Bethany, U.S. Department of State
PIP – Americas Today, The World Tomorrow
(Process Industry Practices)
Joerg Kemnade, Degussa Corporation
Success: The Hallmark of Haradh
(Case Study: Saudi Aramco)
Isam Alwan Al-Bayat, Saudi Aramco
Saudi Aramco
Project Management – Best Practices: A Status Check
(Special Topic: CII Continuing Education Short Courses)
Ed Back, Clemson University
What Can CII Do for You?
(First-Time Attendee Orientation)
Ken Eickmann, CII
CII Chair’s Remarks
John Zachry, Zachry Construction Corporation
(2003 CII Chair)
Zachry Chair
Engineering Productivity Measurement System
(Project Team 192, Engineering Productivity Measures II)
Kent Goddard, Solutia Inc.
RT-192 Plenary
RT-192 Implementation
Owner Influence on Contractor Safety Performance
(Case Study: General Motors Corporation)
August Olivier, General Motors Corporation
General Motors
Small Projects, Homeland Security, and Beyond
(Benchmarking & Metrics Committee)
Mark Owens, Eli Lilly and Company
Risk Assessment for International Projects
(Project Team 181, Risk Analysis for International Projects)
Ell Vines, Dick Corporation
After the War Is Over
(Economic Forum)
David A. Wyss, Standard & Poor’s
Robert Murray, McGraw-Hill Construction
Sara Johnson, Global Insight
David A. Wyss
Robert Murray
Sara Johnson
Skilled Craft Workers’ Shortage Strategies
(Project Team 182, Addressing the Shortage of Skilled Craft Workers in the U.S.)
Keith Byrom, Zachry Construction Corporation
Designing for Construction Automation
(Project Team 183, Design Practices to Facilitate Construction Automation)
Brian Golwitzer, Abbott Laboratories
Small Project Excellence Through Partnering
(Case Study: International Paper)
Chad Zollar, International Paper
International Paper
Six Sigma Deployment in the EPC Business
(Special Presentation)
Mary Moreton, Bechtel Corporation
Effectiveness of Innovative Crew Scheduling
(Research Team 185, Cost Effectiveness of Innovative Crew Scheduling)
Rich Camlic, U.S. Steel Corporation
RT-185 Plenary
RT-185 Implementation
Journey to Zero Injuries Using CII Best Practices
(Case Study: BE&K Construction Company)
Sue Steele, BE&K Construction Company
BE&K Plenary
BE&K Implementation