2019 Conference Downloads

The 2019 CII Annual Conference had the theme, “The Future Is Here: Are You Ready?” It was held in San Diego, California.

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Tuesday – August 6
Steve Cabano
Stephen Mulva
Welcome slides
Welcome video
To Lead the Change, You Have to Be the Change
(Keynote Address)
Art Markman
Markman video
No slides used
James B. Porter, Jr. Award for Technology Leadership Presentation:
Deborah McNeil
Porter Award slides
Porter Award video
Virtual Construction: VR-enabled Project Delivery
(Research Team TC-02, Virtual Reality in Construction)
RT-TC-02 slides
RT-TC-02 video
Protecting Business Value from the Impact of Regulations
(Research Team PUI-01, Identifying and Evaluating the Impact of Regulations throughout the Project Life Cycle)
RT-PUI-01 slides
RT-PUI-01 video
Start Paddling! Staying Ahead of Technological Change
(Keynote Address)
Tim Spaulding
Spaulding slides
Spaulding video
Productivity Breakthroughs Transforming Industries​
(Research Team DCC-01, How to Double Productivity)
RT-DCC-01 slides
RT-DCC-01 video
Revisiting Project Delivery Performance: 1998–2019
(Research Team CPF-RGA 02-18, Revisiting Project Delivery Performance)
RT-CPF-RGA 02-18 slides
RT-CPF-RGA 02-18 video
Richard L. Tucker Leadership & Service Award Presentation:
Micheal Elliott
Tucker Award slides
Tucker Award video
Disruptive Thinking: Attracting and Retaining Fresh Talent
Tami Gamble-Gurnell
Stacy Bell
Carole Bionda
Jennifer Wilkerson
Disruptive Thinking
Disruptive Thinking video
Wednesday – August 7
Harmonizing Project Delivery and Business Support
(Featured Presentation)
Stephen Mulva
Mulva feature slides
Mulva feature video
Flexible Facility Development for Manufacturing & Life Sciences
(Research Team MLS-01, Flexible Facility Development for Manufacturing & Life Sciences)
RT-MLS-01 slides
RT-MLS-01 video
Carroll H. Dunn Award of Excellence Acceptance Video:
Mike Rowe
Dunn Award video
No slides used
Standardization: Achieving Higher Levels in the UMM Commodity Market
(Research Team UMM-01, Achieving Higher Levels of Standardized Facility Design in the Upstream, Midstream, and Mining Commodity Market)
RT-UMM-01 slides
RT-UMM-01 video
Evaluation of Life Cycle Cost Estimation Tools
(Research Team FHC-02, The Relationship between the Built Environment and the Business Case)
RT-FHC-02 slides
RT-FHC-02 video
PDRI 5.0 – It’s a Matter of Choice
(Research Team 361, Integrating FEED MATRS in PDRI)
RT-361 slides
RT-361 video
Leading Indicators for Prevention of Building Design Defects 
(Research Team 320a, Definition and Measurement of Engineering/Design Deliverable Quality for Building Facilities)
RT-320a slides
RT-320a video
Building Momentum
CII Local Connect

Jamie Gerbrecht
Mona Haggag
Jodie Kim
Melissa Marcum
Anabella Martin
Collin Tsui

CII Local Connect slides
CII Local Connect video
Will 2020 Be a Year of Plenty for Construction?
(Keynote Address)
Ken Simonson
Simonson slides
Closing Comments
Steve Cabano
Stephen Mulva
AC19 Summary