2019 Conference Downloads

The 2019 CII Annual Conference had the theme, “The Future Is Here: Are You Ready?” It was held in San Diego, California.

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Tuesday – August 6
Steve Cabano
Stephen Mulva
Welcome slides
To Lead the Change, You Have to Be the Change
(Keynote Address)
Art Markman
No slides used
Virtual Construction: VR-enabled Project Delivery
(Research Team TC-02, Virtual Reality in Construction)
Protecting Business Value from the Impact of Regulations
(Research Team PUI-01, Identifying and Evaluating the Impact of Regulations throughout the Project Life Cycle)
Start Paddling! Staying Ahead of Technological Change
(Keynote Address)
Tim Spaulding
Spaulding slides
Productivity Breakthroughs Transforming Industries​
(Research Team DCC-01, How to Double Productivity)
Revisiting Project Delivery Performance: 1998–2019
(Research Team CPF-RGA 02-18, Revisiting Project Delivery Performance)
CPF-RGA 02-18
Disruptive Thinking: Attracting and Retaining Fresh Talent
Tami Gamble-Gurnell
Stacy Bell
Carole Bionda
Jennifer Wilkerson
Disruptive Thinking
James B. Porter, Jr. Award for Technology Leadership Presentation Porter Award slides
Richard L. Tucker Leadership & Service Award Presentation Tucker Award slides
Carroll H. Dunn Award of Excellence Presentation No slides used
Wednesday – August 7
Harmonizing Project Delivery and Business Support
(Featured Presentation)
Stephen Mulva
Mulva feature
Flexible Facility Development for Manufacturing & Life Sciences
(Research Team MLS-01, Flexible Facility Development for Manufacturing & Life Sciences)
Should I Use a Custom or Standard Design?
(Research Team UMM-01, Achieving Higher Levels of Standardized Facility Design in the Upstream, Midstream, and Mining Commodity Market)
Evaluation of Life Cycle Cost Estimation Tools
(Research Team FHC-02, The Relationship between the Built Environment and the Business Case)
PDRI 5.0 – It’s a Matter of Choice
(Research Team 361, Integrating FEED MATRS in PDRI)
Leading Indicators for Prevention of Building Design Defects 
(Research Team 320a, Definition and Measurement of Engineering/Design Deliverable Quality for Building Facilities)
Building Momentum
CII Local Connect

Jamie Gerbrecht
Mona Haggag
Jodie Kim
Melissa Marcum
Anabella Martin
Collin Tsui

CII Local Connect
Will 2020 Be a Year of Plenty for Construction?
(Keynote Address)
Ken Simonson
Simonson slides
Closing Comments
Steve Cabano
Stephen Mulva
AC19 Summary