2021 Conference Downloads

The 2021 CII-CURT Joint Conference had the theme, “Resilience Through Innovation.” It functioned as the 2021 CII Annual Conference and was held in Orlando, Florida.

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Tuesday – August 3
Jim Ellis
Doug Omichinski
Welcome slides
Welcome video
CII-CURT Alliance Update
Stephen Mulva
Greg Sizemore
CII-CURT Alliance slides
CII-CURT Alliance video
The Transformative Journey from Disruption to Value Creation
(Keynote Address)
Ian Khan
Khan Keynote slides
Khan Keynote video
CII Individual Awards: Outstanding Academics, Students, and Volunteers
Stephen Mulva
Individual Awards slides
Individual Awards video
Workforce 2030: What You Need to Know Now about Your Future Workforce
(Research Team 370, Modeling the Composition of the 2030 Workforce)
RT-370 slides
RT-370 video
After the Revolution: Strategic Lessons from a Decade of Change in Project Delivery Systems
(Research Team DCC-06, Updating Project Delivery and Contract Strategies)
RT-DCC-06 slides
RT-DCC-06 video
Innovative Solutions to Our Planet’s Challenges
(Keynote Address)
Jim Ellis
Ellis Keynote slides
Ellis Keynote video
Getting Ready for 2030: A People, Process, and Technology Roadmap for Offsite Construction
(Research Team 371, Onsite versus Offsite Construction – The Impact of Offsite Construction on the Workforce)
RT-371 slides
RT-371 video
CII’s Data Warehouse: Analytics in the Pursuit of Capital Efficiency
(Data Analytics Community for Business Advancement)
Data Warehouse slides
Data Warehouse video
James B. Porter, Jr. Award for Technology Leadership Presentation
Carl Haas
Porter Award slides
Porter Award video
Wednesday – August 4
Welcome to Day 2
Stephen Mulva
Greg Sizemore
Day 2 Welcome slides
Day 2 Welcome video
Achieving Capital Efficiency with Modular Chemical Process Intensification
(Research Team 373, The Business Case for Modular Chemical Process Intensification)
RT-373 slides
RT-373 video
Driving Project Capital Efficiency: Strategic Alignment for Competitive Investment Decision and Effective Project Delivery
(Research Team DCC-07, Capital Efficiency Scorecard for Downstream and Chemicals Projects)
RT-DCC-07 slides
RT-DCC-07 video
Richard L. Tucker Leadership & Service Award Presentation
Stephen Cabano
Tucker Award slides
Tucker Award video
CURT Outstanding Service Award Presentation
Anirban Basu
CURT Award slides
CURT Award video
Anirban Basu and the Chamber of Data
(Keynote Address)
Anirban Basu
Basu Keynote slides
Basu Keynote video
Driving Value: Data and the Power of Disciplined Collaboration
(Research Team 372, Smart Data-centric Life Cycle Approach to Collaborative Execution of Capital Projects)
RT-372 slides
RT-372 video
Panel Discussion:
Renewable Fuels, Carbon Capture, Carbon Management Market Activities, and Potential Outcomes
Bob Nussmeier, Kiewit, Moderator

Daniel Oh, AgCertain Industries, Inc.
Nigel Jenvey, Baker Hughes
Alastair Cullen, Kiewit
Jim Ellis, Microsoft
Kelcey Henderson, Continuum Advisory Group
Carbon Panel video
No slides used
Carroll H. Dunn Award of Excellence Presentation
Wayne Crew
Dunn Award
Dunn Award video
Advanced Work Packaging Overview Landing Pages
(Advanced Work Packaging Community for Business Advancement)
AWP Overview video
No slides used
Conference Summary: What’s Next?
Greg Sizemore
Stephen Mulva
Conference Closing slides
Conference Closing video
Marrying Passion and STEM
(Keynote Address)
Julia Landauer
Landauer Keynote slides
Landauer Keynote video