2023 Annual Conference Downloads

The 2023 CII Annual Conference had the theme, “Partners in Progress for 40 Years.” It was held in San Antonio, Texas.

CII members can download PDFs for most slide presentations and access videos of the talks on YouTube. More files may be added over coming weeks, as they become available.

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Tuesday – August 1
Jamie Gerbrecht, CII
Tricia Thibodeaux, Fluor Corporation
Welcome slides
Greetings and Congratulations
John O’Leary
O’Leary video
Successful AWP Implementation – Essential Execution Guidance
(Research Team 390, Development of an AWP Execution Planning Guide for Projects)
RT-390 slides
RT-390 video
RT-390 Q&A
CII Individual Awards: Outstanding Volunteer, Academic, and Student
Brian Welsey
Robert Leicht
Vassilina Demetracopolou
Individual Awards slides
CII Distinguished Service Award
John Ekerdt
DSA slides
DSA video
Improving Capital Effectiveness and Efficiency to Deliver Excellent Business Results
(Research Team 394, Pursuing Capital Efficiency)
RT-394 slides
RT-394 video
Dash into Implementation Success with the CII Data Warehouse
(Data Warehouse)
Data Warehouse slides
Data Warehouse video
Keys to Successful Implementation Champions
(Deployment Committee)
DPC slides
DPC video
James B. Porter, Jr. Award for Technology Leadership Presentation
Keith Churchill
Porter Award slides
Porter Award video
Planet Texas 2050
(Invited Presentation)
Planet Texas 2050 slides
Planet Texas video
Show Me the Money (Supply)
(Keynote Address)
Anirban Basu
Basu Keynote slides
Basu Keynote video
Construction Industry Changes: Beyond the Pandemic
(Research Team 400, Recognizing and Retaining Beneficial Changes from the Pandemic on the Workforce)
RT-400 slides
RT-400 video
RT-400 Q&A
Wednesday – August 2
Richard L. Tucker Leadership & Service Award Presentation
Aivars Krumins
Tucker Award slides
Tucker anniversary video
Tucker Award video
iAWP: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
(Research Team 391, Defining Opportunities to Leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics Applications for AWP)
RT-391 slides
RT-391 video
RT-391 booklet
RT-391 Q&A
Why Sponsorship (Not Mentorship) Is the Answer to Accelerating the Path to Leadership for Women in Construction
(NCCER and Ambition Theory)
NCCER slides
NCCER video
Carroll H. Dunn Award of Excellence Presentation
Mansour Saad Al-Shehri
Dunn Award slides
Dunn Award video
Mental Health Is Serious Business – An Approach Based on Evidence
(Research Team 401, Understanding the Mental Health Crisis in the Construction Industry)
RT-401 slides
RT-401 video
Panel Discussion:
Decarbonization of Capital Projects – A Panel on Impacts and Opportunities for Key Construction Materials
Bob Nussmeier, Baker Concrete Construction, Moderator

Jim Ellis, Ellisian
Julia Garbini, Concrete Advancement Foundation
Randy Kirchain, MIT
Nancy Kralik, Fluor Corporation
Katie Poss, Building Transparency
Decarbonization Panel slides
Decarbonization panel video
Modularization – Are You Experienced?
(Research Team 396, Business Case Analysis Guide for Industrial Modularization)
RT-396 slides
RT-396 video
RT-396 Q&A
Lessons from the Battlefield: How to empower front-line employees to take safety personally
(Closing Keynote Address)
Patrick Nelson
Nelson Keynote slides
Nelson Keynote video
Conference Closing
Jamie Gerbrecht, CII
Conference Closing slides
Conference Recap video