Advanced Work Packaging Digital Threads to Enable Supply Chain Visibility on Capital Projects

RT-TC-03 Topic Summary
RT TC 03


The complexity of construction supply chains continues to increase as construction materials and methods become more intricate. Construction project stakeholders are encouraged to share information across the supply chain to foster stakeholder alignment and facilitate transparency.

RT-TC-03 created a web-based open-source digital library containing specifications from seven digital threads with supply chains on capital projects to encourage communication among stakeholders. Having open-source digital library in an interactive web-based format provides a database and user interface to promote the integration of supply chain elements with AWP practices. The research described in the team’s final report, FR-TC-03, was motivated by a specific need identified by RT-363.

RT-TC-03 identified the following benefits for implementing supply chain digital threads through the open-source web-based digital library:

  • Increased alignment among stakeholders connected to the supply chain
  • An increase in the visibility of supply chain information through the implementation of digital threads on the web tool
  • Improved data sharing among stakeholders across the supply chain
  • Clearly defined project stakeholder responsibilities for materials

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : Supply Chain Digital Threads

RT-TC-03 established and reviewed seven digital threads associated with supply chain topics on capital projects. These digital threads built on a subset of the AWP data requirements developed by WG19-01. The following sample digital thread is included in the database (FR-TC-03, p. 26).

Reference: (FR-TC-03)

2 : Open-source Digital Library for Supply Chain Digital Threads

RT-TC-03 created an open-source digital library for the supply chain digital threads to increase the visibility of these items. Figure 3 shows the library’s structure (FR-TC-03, p. 15).

Reference: (FR-TC-03)

3 : Material Responsibility Matrix

RT-TC-03 reviewed the Material Responsibility Matrix and modified it to allow users to assign responsibilities for materials among stakeholders. The user interface for this matrix is shown in the following figure (FR-TC-03, p. 85).

Reference: (FR-TC-03)

Key Performance Indicators

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Session - Advanced Work Packaging Digital Threads to Enable Supply Chain Visibility on Capital Projects

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