Pilot Projects: Tools for Implementation (Archived)

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Pilot projects could be used to disseminate CII concepts effectively throughout the industry, and that these concepts be applied to projects in a planned, orderly way. This research study shares collective experience of the CII action team of industry professionals who have recently participated in pilot projects and documents the key elements to pursue and the pitfalls to avoid in executing pilot projects.

Pilot projects could be used by construction-related organizations to achieve financial gain, to improve the standard of performance, to be an innovator in the industry and to evaluate the application of a CII concept to gain the “competitive edge.”

Executive sponsorship and commitment that provides resources to execute and a corporate environment that fosters innovation are all key components to make the Pilot Project concept a success.

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : Senior Management Commitment

The fundamental prerequisite for successful implementation of a pilot project is a commitment by senior management of a company. Senior management commitment is not only important – it must be visible within the company. (SP-14, p. 11)
Reference: (SP14)

2 : Trying Something New

It is important not to overload the project team by attempting to accomplish too much at one time. Even the best personnel will be challenged by new, innovative techniques. (SP-14, p. 15)
Reference: (SP14)

3 : Implementation

It is useful to concentrate the effort on implementation of a few key concepts that offer the most benefits. Although the initial investments and subsequent savings may be difficult to quantify, the long-term benefits will more than offset the incremental costs. (SP-14, p. 15)
Reference: (SP14)

4 : Company Culture

It is crucial for management to recognize that a pilot project is a change in the way of doing business. Changing the way a company has done business for several decades is not an easy task. Depending upon the company culture, a paradigm shift may be required – and will seem difficult to overcome. Do not underestimate the resistance of your organization to accepting change. (SP-14, p. 11)
Reference: (SP14)

5 : Implementation Tool #1

SP14, Guidelines for Executing a Pilot Project

Provides seven key steps to assist your organization in developing and executing controlled pilot projects. (SP-14, p. 13)
Reference: (SP14)

Key Performance Indicators

Improved cost, Improved quality, Improved schedule, Improved performance

Research Publications

Pilot Projects: Tools for Implementation - SP-14

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